As people become avid internet users and need more bandwidth for various applications like voice-over-IP (VoIP), video streaming (IPTV, video calls, etc.), peer-to-peer applications, etc. Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) and/or Fiber-to-the-Neighbourhood (FTTN) are the technologies expected to be boost exponentially.
In order to supply for this growing demand both locally and internationally, and because the clients are looking for the best price, especially now, D&M TRADING was founded in 2012.

The Company

The name "D&M TRADING" comes for the last names of the two partners and friends that created the business. The idea of opening the company came to their minds while they were working together in Cyprus, in the Telecom industry.
The motto, “Smart FO solutions” stems from the vision of providing the most competitive solutions for the telecommunication infrastructures.
The term "FO" is an abbreviation from the words "fiber" and "optics" and wants to suggest that our solutions are innovative and original.
Not in the end the logo color, is inspired from the laser light, and was chosen as orange to emphasize the dynamism and energy of the business, while the rounded corner wants to share the feeling of the human touch, that only two friends can truly offer, in this complex and cold business.

The Customers

The customer base of D&M TRADING varies from Telecom distributors, System integrators, Mobile Operators and Alternative Operators.



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